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Fomblin PFPE®: Vacuum Pump Oils

Manufactured by Ausimont, Fomblin Y are perfluorinated polyether inert fluids for use as lubricants in vacuum pumps. Fomblin fluids are a mixture of fluorinated polymers obtained by a photochemical process that begins with hexafluoropropylene. Since the Fomblin chemical chain contains only carbon, fluorine and oxygen atoms, these fluids have exceptional properties.

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Amatron are the local representatives for Ausimont in the UK, Benelux and Switzerland.

MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets) - Click to view/download
Fomblin 06-6 MSDS
Fomblin 14-6 MSDS
Fomblin 16-6 MSDS
Fomblin 25-6 MSDS

SANTOVAC™ 5 Vacuum Pump Fluid

Santovac 5 polyphenyl ether is a vacuum diffusion pump fluid which operates efficiently, economically and safely to produce ultra-high vacuums of 4 x 10-10 torr, and higher, at 25C. Diffusion pumps are the cheapest and most reliable means of reaching these low pressures and Santovac 5 has proven to be the best pump fluid available for this type of equipment.

Amatron are the local representatives for Santovac in the UK.

MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets) - Click to view/download
Santovac 5 MSDS

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